About Conduent

By providing mission-critical solutions and services on behalf of businesses and governments, Conduent delivers exceptional results to our clients and the millions of people who depend on them. Conduent solutions and services automate workflows, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enable sales growth through people, processes, and technology. That’s why most Fortune 100 companies and more than 500 government agencies rely on Conduent every day to manage and maintain their critical interactions.


BenefitWallet is a product of Conduent Inc., the world’s largest provider of diversified business process services with advanced capabilities in transaction processing, automation, analytics, and constituent insight. We work in partnership with government and corporate clients to help them provide quality services to the people they serve.

Connection BenefitWallet is a service solution for Conduent staff and is one of the nation’s leading healthcare account managers. With Bank of New York Mellon as custodian, we manage over one million accounts. They manage patient-member interactions for a significant portion of the healthcare industry in the United States. They are the customer interface for large segments of the technology industry. In addition, they are the preferred delivery and operating partner for public transportation systems around the world.


Conduent Inc. is an American service company based in Florham Park, New Jersey. It was founded in 2017 as a Xerox sale. The company provides digital platforms for businesses and governments. In 2021, the company employed more than 60,000 people in 22 countries. Conduent provides business services such as medical billing, patient care, electronic toll collection, Medicaid audits, and prepaid card processing for government benefits such as welfare, social security, and stamps.

On June 5, 2016, Xerox announced the division of Xerox’s business services division into a completely separate company, the name of which has yet to be determined. The new company’s scope was considered to be essentially the same as that of the former business services company Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), which Xerox acquired six years earlier in 2010.