What is BenefitWallet?

We provide a streamlined and personalized approach to help members manage their healthcare expenses and increase their wealth through tax-deductible healthcare bills. BenefitWallet integrates member expertise throughout the healthcare engagement, fundraising, savings, and payment process. We offer a scalable and portable solution that can be easily configured to complement your performance management approach.


BenefitWallet is a Conduent Human Resource Services solution and is one of the nation’s leading healthcare account managers. With Bank of New York Mellon as custodian, we manage more than one million accounts and serve employers of all sizes. BenefitWallet is a solution offered by Conduent Human Resource Services as a health account manager.

BenefitWallet offers a simplified and personalized approach to help members manage healthcare costs. It also helps build wealth and create tax-exempt health accounts. BenefitWallet aims to integrate member expertise across the health continuum through engagement, savings, financing, and payment. A portable, scalable solution can be easily configured to support the management approach.


A “portfolio” gives workers the ability to divide the present value of their overall benefits package among certain “available” benefits that they can choose from. This flexible approach allows employees to divide their performance bonus between items such as education, vacation, retirement, health insurance, driver’s insurance, and training allowance.

Your profit portfolio can also grow if you actively participate in Wellness Days to win prizes, with 80% of the remaining profits from the profit generator transferred to your wallet. You can use your portfolio of services to cover health and medical expenses that your medical services would not normally cover.

You can buy your food supplements in pharmacies, for example, as long as you are registered with the HPCNA (Health Professionals Council of Namibia) and claim the costs in your portfolio of services.
If you want to know more about the portal, contact customer service.