The BenefitWallet Portfolio is a flexible spending account for employee benefits (and it’s a way for business owners who work for the company to receive benefits as well). BenefitWallet offers a full line of Health Savings Accounts. HSA provides a premium customer experience designed to increase employee engagement and maximize account usage.


Small business owners save time with Benefit Wallet because:

  • Registration only takes 10 minutes; registration only takes a few minutes, and there are no hurdles or paperwork.
  • Employee onboarding is quick – it takes another 10 minutes to get a list of your employees and their email, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • There is no set registration period – Unlike traditional benefits, which generally have an annual registration period, you can hire employees whenever you want instead of launching an extensive campaign every year.
  • The benefits program is easy to administer – if you did it yourself, you would need to process every request, including verifying that each receipt is legitimate, making sure the employee always has money in their benefits wallet and money in theirs. Transfer the company’s bank account to you.


Employees save time with Benefit Wallet because:

  • The onboarding process is quick: Once employees have their portfolio of services, it only takes a few minutes to allocate their performance money to available options (for example, a healthcare spending account or a health care spending account. health care. Health. Well-being).
  • Complaining only takes a few minutes – long forms are a thing of the past! To file a claim, employees simply upload a photo of the receipt and fill in three fields: claim amount, type of issue, and date received.