Debit Card

If your BenefitWallet debit card came with a sticker, follow the instructions on the label to activate your card. If there was no sticker on the card, it is already activated, and you don’t have to do anything else. Don’t forget to sign your card to help prevent fraudulent use of the lost or stolen card.


In most cases, you only need your subscription to pay the eligible charges on the card by selecting “Borrow” from the menu. However, your card is approved for use with a PIN (personal identification number). If you want to withdraw money from the HSA with your card or check your account balance at an ATM, you will need to set up a PIN code.

Even if you give your spouse or child a card in your name, they can use the PIN to make acceptable purchases instead of a signature by selecting “direct debit” at the payment terminal. Remember that, as the account holder, you are responsible for the use of the funds. To set or reset your PIN, dial 1.888.490.8244. All cards on your account have the same PIN, even if you have cards in the name of your spouse or children. You can only reset a PIN code once every 24 hours.


As soon as you know or suspect that your card has been lost or stolen, call the BenefitWallet call center at 1.877.472.4200. For more information on lost or stolen cards, see your debit card agreement.

This card generally works like a regular debit card but is limited to certain types of eligible expenses. The card only works in health-related businesses. It doesn’t work at gas stations or restaurants, for example. Also, some pharmacies, generally larger pharmacies participating in IIAS, reject individual items that are out of the question. ATM withdrawals and balance requests are only possible with your HSA.